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Notice Forms

Notice to QuitNotice to Quit is used by the Landlord to terminate a lease when the Tenant has:
a. Failed to pay rent within the required time after it was due.
b. Caused serious damage to the premises.
c. Acted violent or made threats to the health and safety of other Tenants and/or the property.
d. Performed illegal activities, such as prostitution or drug use, on the Premises.
Notice of Lease ViolationA Notice of Lease Violation is used where a Tenant has failed to comply with the Landlord's rules or breached a term of the Lease. The Landlord is giving the Tenant notice to remedy the violation within the notice period. The Landlord may choose to terminate the Lease if the violation is not remedied OR to remedy the violation itself at the Tenant's expense. Notice of TerminationNotice of Termination is used when:
a .The Landlord wishes to terminate a periodic tenancy (such as a month to month lease), or
b. The Lease Agreement requires advance notice for the termination of the Lease.
Demand for ComplianceDemand for Compliance or Possession can be used after the Landlord has served the tenant with a Notice to Quit, Notice to Pay, or Notice of Lease Violation, but the Tenant has not complied. Notice to Increase RentA Notice of Rent Increase is used where a Landlord wishes to increase the rent charged on a Premises. Notice to RepairNotice to Repair is used when the Tenant wants to give notice to the Landlord that the Landlord is breaching a term of the Lease or the state legislation by not properly maintaining the Premises. Notice of Intent to VacateA Notice of Intent to Vacate Premises is used when the Tenant (under a fixed term) wants to give notice to the Landlord that the Tenant plans to vacate the Premises at the end of the notice period.

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