Offer to Purchase Real Estate

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LawDepot's Offer to Purchase Real Estate is ideal for:

  • Is ideal for making an offer to purchase a newly constructed home that has been completed before the contract closes or a previously occupied home.
  • Allows users to quickly create a new offer if the original offer is declined, and make offers on multiple houses.
  • Provides numerous contingencies that can be included as part of the purchase offer.
  • Is convenient, flexible and easy to use.

This contract is not customized for condominiums, unimproved property, or a house that is not completely built.

Offer to Purchase Real Estate Details
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This software has the flexibility to let you quickly create the Offer to Purchase Real Estate you want. It does this by providing many options with appropriate defaults.

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Closing and Possession

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Is this Offer subject to any contingencies?
Contingencies are conditions that must be satisfied before the Offer is binding and the sale can be closed. If these conditions are not met by the time of closing, the sale may be cancelled by either party. Any conditions included in this Offer will be in effect until the transaction closes, unless they are specifically excluded from or contradicted by a subsequent real estate purchase agreement. The purpose of including these other conditions in this offer is to make it clear what conditions both of the parties will need or want in the deal.

Select the contingencies for the sale.
The purchase of the Seller's property is contingent on the Buyer being able to sell his/her property and close the deal. If the Buyer is unable to sell his/her property and close the deal, then this offer to purchase the Seller's property can be cancelled.
Address of Buyer's property to be sold:
(e.g. 42 Evergreen Way, Santa Fe, New Mexico)
Date that Buyer must sell by:
A disclosure form provides the Buyer with information concerning the Property, including any problems of which the Seller is aware. In some jurisdictions, completion of a disclosure form is mandatory. However, in jurisdictions where disclosure forms are optional, it is highly recommended that the Seller provide the Buyer with a disclosure form to prevent any future liability on the part of the Seller for known defects in the Property.
Date disclosure form is due to be delivered:

(e.g. mortgage or deed of trust loan)
  Amount of new loan: $ (e.g.125000.00)
  Term of the loan (in months): (e.g. 60)
  Maximum interest rate of loan (in %): (e.g. 4.5)
  Amortization period of the loan (in years): (e.g. 10)
  Maximum time for application to be approved (in days): (e.g. 90)
  Are there further loan conditions that need to be satisfied?
List the conditions:

Deadline to receive approval:

(Third party approval means that someone who is not a party to the contract must consent to the Offer before the transaction can proceed. This person is typically either the Buyer's spouse, or the Buyer's attorney.)
Name of person:
Is the person an attorney?
Approval must be received by:
Notice of approval required?
Is the Buyer required to notify the Seller once third party approval has been obtained?

Date inspection must be completed by:
Who will pay for the home inspection?

The sale is contingent upon an appraisal valuing the Property for at least the amount of the purchase price. This contingency ensures that the Buyer doesn't pay more for the Property than it is actually worth.
What repairs does the Buyer want completed?
(e.g. re-shingle the roof, re-seed the lawn in the backyard, repaint the basement, replace ensuite toilet, etc.)
What date must repairs be completed by?

The Property has been properly zoned for the purposes which the Buyer intends to make use of the Property. For example, if the Buyer intends to run a home business out of the Property's basement, then the Seller will obtain proof that the zoning allows for such use of the basement.
The Seller will obtain and deliver to the Buyer copies of any certificates relating to local ordinances (e.g. keeping exotic animals, environmental protections, recycling, utilities, etc.).
The Seller will provide evidence to the Buyer that the title to the Property is not subject to any encumbrances by other people. This is usually accomplished through the use of a title search at the local recorder's office.
When must the Buyer receive the accepted offer by?
Additional Clauses
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(E.g. The parties must submit a counter-offer by May 1, 2008)
Signing Details
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