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9 Thanksgiving Laws You Should Know

9 Thanksgiving Laws You Should Know

Curious about time-honored Thanksgiving traditions? Do you want to navigate the holiday legally? Here are some interesting laws and legislation surrounding Thanksgiving.

/ November 23, 2016
Should You Join the Family Business

Should You Join the Family Business?

Most proprietors want to pass their business down to the next generation, so you are not alone in grappling with whether to work for your family. This post will help you weigh your options.

/ October 28, 2016
7 Times Every Vote Mattered

7 Times Every Vote Mattered

To encourage you to get out and vote, here are some interesting tales of electoral ties and results that were too close to call.

/ October 20, 2016
Real Estate Talk

Real (Estate) Talk: Advice, Tips, and Trends for Homeowners

We asked some top real estate experts about emerging housing trends, what buyers are looking for in a home, and to name their best real estate advice.

/ October 6, 2016
How Homeowners Can Organize Home Maintenance

How New Homeowners Can Organize and Plan Home Maintenance

When new homeowners move into a home, they often do not realize all the different tasks that need to be performed in order to keep it functioning. What is a homeowner to do and where are they to start?

/ September 28, 2016
Homeowner's Guide to Boundary Disputes

A Homeowner’s Guide to Boundary Disputes

As a landowner, knowing your property limits as well as your property rights will help you handle boundary disputes from trespassing to encroachment.

/ September 22, 2016