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5 FAQs About Crowdfunding

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Crowdfunding

With hundreds of crowdfunding platforms around the world and billions of dollars being raised every year, crowdfunding has become a popular option for entrepreneurs to raise funds, gather momentum, and engage with the public.

/ September 15, 2016
3 Secrets to Client Relationships

3 Secrets to Building New Client Relationships

As a sales rep looking to build new client relationships, you need to differentiate yourself. If you do the same thing that everyone else is doing in your market segment, how are your results going to be any different from...

/ August 31, 2016

Renting with Roommates: What are Your Lease Options?

If you’re curious about your lease options as either a landlord or tenant, learn about some of the standard living arrangements between roommates, and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

/ August 25, 2016
The Do's and Don'ts of Non-Disclosure Agreements

The Do’s and Don’ts of Non-Disclosure Agreements

When you need to reveal confidential information to another party in the course of a business transaction, it may be wise to create a non-disclosure agreement. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you along.

/ August 18, 2016
How to End a Seasonal Contract on a Good Note

How to End a Seasonal Contract on a Good Note

Whether you’re a manager who wants to ensure a great employee returns next year or a student who wants to obtain a reference, it’s important to end the season on a good note. Employers and employees can follow these tips...

/ August 11, 2016
6 Tips for Making a Good Impression on Your Business Trip

6 Tips for Making a Good Impression on Your Business Trip

In recent years, webinars, video conferencing, and online collaboration tools have lessened the need for business travel, but there are still some instances when meeting face to face is best. Here are some tips to make your next business trip...

/ July 27, 2016