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The Role of a Homeowners’ Association

What role do Homeowners' Associations play in a community? While working to preserve the value of properties in the area or building, HOAs also have various other responsibilities, including managing finances, enforcing covenants, and more.

/ January 19, 2016

First-Time Buyers: Should You Buy New?

As a first-time buyer, you have a lot of big decisions to make, and one of the first ones should be whether you want a new home, or one that has been previously owned. Find out which is right for...

/ June 25, 2015
Property Perks & Pitfalls—Condo, Townhouse, Mobile, Single-family

Property Perks & Pitfalls—Condo, Townhouse, Mobile, Single-Family

There are pros and cons to every type of property. In this post, we cover the pros and cons of condos, townhomes, mobile homes, and single-family dwellings to help you to decide which is a fit for you and your...

/ October 23, 2014