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Choosing the Best Neighborhood to Purchase Real Estate

Choosing the Best Neighborhood to Purchase Real Estate

Location means everything in real estate. To make sure you are investing your money wisely, look for homes in a good neighborhood with access to public transport and low crime rate.

/ July 8, 2014
Renting to Family Dos and Don'ts

Leasing Property to Family Members: Do’s and Don’ts

Much like any arrangement that mixes business and personal life, renting to family or friends has the potential to cause disputes if you do not set rules and expectations from the beginning.

/ July 3, 2014

How to Prepare Your Investment Property for Tenants

Investment real estate is a popular way to become financially independent. This post will serve as a guide to preparing your property for tenants in a way that can help to reduce stress, increase your rental income, and property value.

/ May 29, 2014
8 Common Mistakes Landlords Make

8 Common Mistakes Landlords Make

Every landlord is bound to make a few mistakes in their real estate career, especially if they are managing a rental space for the first time. Here are some common landlord blunders and how to avoid them.

/ May 22, 2014
Types of lease notices

Types of Lease Notices

Here is a visual guide to all the lease notices you need for a tenancy, including both landlord and tenant notices.

/ April 22, 2014
9 Money-Saving Tips for the DIY Landlord

9 Money-Saving Remodel Tips for the DIY Landlord

During your time as a real estate owner, you will eventually need to do renovations to your property. These tips will help make your do-it-yourself remodeling process as painless as possible -- and save you money while doing it.

/ March 4, 2014