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  • Search Registered and trademarked names in the appropriate databases. More A Corporate Name Search is the only way to guarantee that a proposed corporate name has not already been registered or trademarked, and it is required by federal and provincial governments if you want to register your business or incorporate. If you are registering Federally or in AB, ON, NB, NS or PEI, a NUANS search is required. Elsewhere, provincial searches are required.
  • Official Searches and Preliminary Searches available. More A Preliminary Search will search the appropriate databases and list any results that are identical or confusingly similar to your proposed names. You can search up to three names at a time, but the results of a Preliminary Search cannot be used to incorporate or register your business.

    An Official Search is more accurate, can be used to incorporate or register your business, and is valid for 90 days in most jurisdictions and 56 days in B.C.
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Incorporators: You must perform your corporate name search in the same region that you will be incorporating. For example, if you will be incorporating in Alberta, you must conduct your name search for Alberta. Only select “All of Canada (Federal)” if you plan to incorporate Federally.


Type of Search

Preliminary Search - $9.99
A Preliminary Search is less expensive than an Official Search. However, it is less accurate and the results cannot be used when incorporating. A Preliminary Search is best when you are attempting to narrow down a list of names. LawDepot's Preliminary Search allows you to search up to three names.

Official Search - $49.00
An Official Search provides more accurate results and must be used when incorporating. The results are valid for 90 days.
Typically, your corporation's name must have a distinctive first word(s) then descriptive second word(s) then a corporate suffix. The first word(s) must be distinictive and non-descriptive and may includes a person's name, initials, or geographic location such as Joseph Smith, E.J. Smith, North Vancouver, Sunstray, Dreamheart, etc.. Words that refer to the quality of goods or services are not usually considered distinctive. The descriptive second word or phrase are words that describe the type of business or activity the corporation will be doing such as construction, gardening, investments, holdings, accounting services, innovations, enterprises, etc. You may NOT use the name "society" in a corporate name.