Corporate Services (Alberta)
LawDepot offers a variety of essential corporate services to help maintain and revise your Alberta Corporation. With LawDepot, it's quick and easy to keep your corporate records up-to-date.

Services Available:

  • File an annual return
  • Change the corporate address
  • Change the directors of the corporation
  • Change the address(es) of a director or directors of the corporation

If you are looking to incorporate in Alberta, try our Alberta Incorporation Package.

Corporation Information

Include the full name of the corporation. Example: “XYZ Distribution, Inc.”

Enter the Corporate Number of the corporation. This number can be found on the top right-hand corner of the Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Continuance, Certificate of Amalgamation and Certificate of Registration.

Registered Office Address

(Must be in Alberta. Cannot be a P.O. box unless the Corporation is a society.)

Records Address

(Must be in Alberta. Cannot be a P.O. box unless the corporation is a society.)

Previous Shareholder Information

Enter the Shareholder Information as it appeared on your last annual return.


Changes to Shareholder Information

Authorized/Contact Person

You must provide one of the following types of identification.

Signature of Authorized/Contact Person

The authorized signing person must type his or her name into the box below to "sign" this form. The individual "signing" this form affirms that the facts stated herein are true and gives LawDepot permission to file the appropriate form(s) with the Government of Alberta on behalf of the Corporation.

This signature must be that of the authorized person; otherwise it constitutes forgery.


The price to file your Annual Return is $75.00. The relevant information will be filed with government in 1-4 business days. We will provide proof of these filings.


By clicking on "Continue to Order Page" you confirm:

1. That you are at least 18 years of age, or the age of majority in your state, province, or territory.
2. That you have authorization and capacity to act on behalf of this corporation.
3. That you accept that no legal, tax or accounting advice has been provided to you by LawDepot.
4. That you have accurately and completely provided all information above.
5. That you will hold LawDepot, its agents, and the government harmless for any errors or omissions contained within this form.