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________ day of ________________, ________


Attn: Customer Service

Re: Product Purchased

Dear Sir/Madam:

Please give my concerns in this complaint letter your immediate attention.

On June 18, 2024, I purchased the following item(s): _________________________ (the "Purchase"). I have the following complaint/concerns regarding the Purchase: _________________________.

In order to adequately resolve my concerns, I require that you reimburse me for the full amount I paid for the Purchase. I may be contacted or reached in writing at my above address.

Thank you for taking the time to resolve my concerns in a prompt manner. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.



Last updated February 2, 2024

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What is a Complaint Letter?

A Complaint Letter is a formal, written notice to a business or individual about issues such as unacceptable behaviour, faulty products, poor service, and more. It outlines exactly what’s causing the problem and what’s needed to remedy the situation

A Complaint Letter also creates a record of your attempt to resolve the conflict before taking legal action. 

Often, sending the letter directly to the offending party is enough to fix the problem. But, if you do escalate the problem to higher authorities (e.g., ombudsmen, tribunals, or other government agencies), you’ll have documentation to support your argument. 

In this case, you’ll have proof that the other party is aware of the problem and that you’ve attempted to resolve the issue in other ways.

When should I send a Complaint Letter?

If there’s a problem that impacts your life, money, health, or ability to work, it’s a good idea to use a Complaint Letter to raise your concerns with the appropriate authority. Doing so shows your commitment to solving the problem. 

For example, situations that commonly warrant a Complaint Letter include:

  • Consumer complaints: A company’s service or product fails to meet quality standards (e.g., a faulty car)
  • Housing complaints: A neighbour makes too much noise (e.g., a barking dog)
  • Human Resources (HR) complaints: A co-worker exhibits inappropriate behaviour at work (e.g., unfair treatment or harassment)
  • School complaints: A child runs into a problem with bullying
  • Hospital complaints: A patient has a negative care experience with a general physician (GP), hospital staff, or another medical practitioner
  • Privacy complaints: A person experiences a breach in their data protection services (e.g., a landlord shares your personal information to an unauthorized third party)

How to write a Complaint Letter

Customize LawDepot’s Complaint Letter template to suit your needs. Simply answer our questionnaire to generate your document, then download it as a PDF or print a copy. 

The information you’ll need to complete the document is as follows.

1. State the reason for the letter

Clarify whether your complaint is about a product, service, or something else.

2. Provide party details

Give the full name and contact information of the sender and recipient.

3. Describe your complaint

If the complaint is about a product or service, state when you bought the item or received the service. Then, give as much detail as is needed to communicate the problem clearly. 

Our questionnaire provides sample text for you to reference when wording your complaint. We’ll also give you an opportunity to attach any records or receipts that are evidence of your complaint. This helps the recipient quickly verify the problem and find a solution.

4. State an acceptable remedy

Select between the following solutions or write one in your own words:

  • Full reimbursement
  • Repairs or reimbursement for repair costs
  • A product exchange

If needed, LawDepot’s Complaint Letter template also allows you to notify the recipient that you’ll take legal action should they fail to remedy the problem. 

5. Sign and send the letter

In addition to a mailed response, let the recipient know if they can reach you by phone, fax, or email. Then, sign the document and send it to the relevant business manager, landlord, principal, or customer service representative.

Related Documents

  • Cease & Desist Letter: Request someone stop an action and refrain from doing it in the future.
  • Demand Letter: Request an action or the payment of outstanding debt.
  • Indemnity Agreement: Protect another party in a contract against any future losses or claims that may result from a particular activity.
  • Release of Liability: Ensure that a party doesn’t proceed with a legal claim in exchange for compensation.
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