British Columbia Incorporation

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Corporate Name

In the event that your corporate name is unavailable, we will register your alternate corporate name(s) in your order of preference.
Name Reservation with the Government of BC  is required in order for your incorporation to be completed. It is valid for 50 days.
e.g. accounting services, geological survey consulting, provision of temporary workers, etc.
Frequently Asked Questions

Articles of Incorporation details

  1. There is no restriction on the business that the Corporation may carry on.

  2. The minimum number of Directors is one (1), with a maximum of ten (10).

  3. The Corporation can issue shares without nominal or par value for three classes of shares.

    • Class A Voting Common shares

    • Class B Voting Common shares

    • Class C Non-Voting Common shares

  4. The Corporation is a Private Issuer as deemed by National Instrument 45-106:

    • No share transfers can be made without the consent of the Board of Directors or a Unanimous Shareholders Agreement.

    • Share ownership is restricted to less than 50 individuals, unless specified in law.

    • No shares will be available for sale to the public at the time of the Corporation's formation.

  5. The holders of all shares shall be entitled to receive a dividend, when and as specified by the Board of Directors of the Corporation.

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