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Common Incorporation Questions

Why incorporate?

Incorporating a business has many legal, financial and personal benefits. Once incorporated, your business becomes its own legal entity and limits the liability of its shareholders. It also provides a business with long-term stability, a professional reputation and may even make your company more investable.

How do I incorporate?

Filing Articles of Incorporation online is the easiest way to incorporate your business. With LawDepot's incorporation package, you simply answer a short questionnaire and your business will be incorporated in as few as 1-2 days.

Do I need a lawyer to incorporate?

You do not need a lawyer to incorporate. Whether you wish to consult a lawyer prior to forming a corporation is a matter of personal preference and your business situation.

How can LawDepot help me incorporate?

LawDepot's incorporation services are quick, reliable, and guaranteed. Our online incorporation form breaks down the incorporation process into a step-by-step questionnaire for you to fill in at your convenience. Any questions you have can be answered through our FAQs or by contacting Customer Support. Once you have submitted your information, we will review your incorporation documents for accuracy before filing your Articles with the government. You will receive confirmation when your registration is complete.

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