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Entry Date and Time

Entry Date and Time

What day will you enter the property?What days or times are prohibited?Do not enter on the tenant's day of worship (Sunday unless otherwise notified in writing) or outside standard business hours (generally 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) unless you have consent from the tenant.

What time?
  8 a.m.

  9 a.m.


Notice to Enter in Virginia

In Virginia, a landlord must give 24 hours notice to enter the property in non-emergencies. No notice is required if entry follows tenant's request for maintenance.

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Dear _____________________________________,

This letter serves as formal notice of the intention to enter the rental property at ______________________________________________________.

Date and time of entry: June 27, 2022, from approximately 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.

This entry is necessary in order to inspect the condition of the premises.

Access to rental property is permitted by law so long as reasonable notice is provided to the tenant. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact _____________________________________ at __________________________.

Thank you for your cooperation.


(Print Name)   (Signature)

Contact: _____________________________________
Phone: __________________________

Date this notice was given or mailed: __________________________

Notice to Enter

Other Names:

A Notice to Enter is also known as:

  • Notice to Enter Rental Property
  • Landlord Inspection Letter
  • 24-Hour Notice to Enter
  • Intent to Enter Notice
  • Notice of Entry

What is a Notice to Enter?

A Notice to Enter is a formal letter a property manager or landlord gives to the tenant of a rental property to inform the tenant of the landlord or property manager's intent to enter the residence on a given date at a specific time. A Notice to Enter is both a gesture of courtesy and a legal requirement that recognizes both the tenant's rights and the landlord's rights.

When should I use a Notice to Enter?

You should use a Notice to Enter any time you need to enter a tenant's home, except in the case of an emergency which doesn't require any notification. Some situations where you would use a Notice to Enter are:

  • An apartment or house inspection
  • Repairs or upgrades to the property
  • Appliance repair or replacement
  • Pest control services

A Notice to Enter is also used when a tenant has given notice that they are moving out, and the landlord wants to do a viewing of the property with an interested party.

In some states, it is legally required for a landlord to give a tenant 24-48 hours' notice before they can enter their rental property. When using a Notice to Enter, the landlord should keep a copy for their records, in case they ever need to prove they gave minimum notice prior to entry.

What information should a Notice to Enter include?

A Notice to Enter is a short letter that contains just the basic information required to inform the tenant of the event. A Notice to Enter typically includes the following details:

  • Name of the registered tenant
  • Reason for entry (inspection, repairs, etc.)
  • Rental property address
  • Day and time of the scheduled entry
  • Contact information for the landlord

Why should I use a Notice to Enter?

Use of a Notice to Enter fulfills the requirement for landlords to notify a tenant when they intend to enter their living space. The Notice to Enter also gives the tenant time to make any necessary arrangements and tidy up the residence before the landlord visits.

Using this notification form balances the landlord's right of entry with the tenant's right to quiet enjoyment of the property.

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