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LawDepot's Offer to Lease is ideal for:

  • Is a binding legal agreement that sets out the main terms and conditions of any commercial lease agreement that may ultimately be signed.
  • Allows you to quickly and easily make counter-offers during lease negotiations.
  • Is customizable as to terms of lease, rent, security deposit, advance rent, approval of attorney, other conditions, and more.
  • Is an inexpensive and easy to use Offer to Lease.

If you are looking for a commercial lease agreement, try our Commercial Lease Agreement.

Offer to Lease Details
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This software has the flexibility to let you quickly create the Offer to Lease you want. It does this by providing many options with appropriate defaults.

If you want to fill in a particular item after you have printed the document, you can enter underscore characters (e.g. _____). If you are unsure about the name, make sure you have selected a descriptive name if you use a blank line in the place of a parties' name.

Tenant Information
Number of Tenants:
Legal Name:
(e.g. Street, City, State Zipcode)
Landlord Information
Number of Landlords:
(e.g. Street, City, State Zipcode)
Insert clause dealing with the Landlord's standard form lease?
How will the Landlord's standard lease form be dealt with in this offer?
Within how many days will the landlord provide the standard lease form?
(e.g. 5)
Leased Premises
Address of Premises:
(e.g. Suite #, Building Name, Street, City, State Zipcode)
Further Description of Premises:
Attach Diagram of Premises to Offer?
Describe the Amount of Area in the Premises?
(e.g. 120)
Permitted Use of Premises:
(Provide the type of business you will be conducting in the premises e.g. "brokerage office", "fast food outlet").
Term of Lease  
Type of Lease Term:
Number of Weeks:
(e.g. 10)
Number of Months:
(e.g. 10)
Number of Years:
(e.g. 10)
Date Lease Starts:
(e.g. June 1, 2014)
Date Lease Ends:
(e.g. May 31, 2016)
Possession (Occupancy) Date:
(e.g. May 15, 2014)
Note: Enter a possession date only if the Tenant is to have possession of the Premises BEFORE the lease start date.
Tenant Will Pay:
Tenant Will Pay Rent Every:
Amount of Weekly Base Rent:
 (e.g. 500.00)
Specified Operating Costs:
(e.g. water, gas, electricity and telephone)
Percentage of Gross Profit that will be Additional Rent:
 (e.g. 3.125)
Tenant Will Pay Operating Costs Based on:
Proportionate share is typically used in a triple net lease.
Annual operating costs that Tenant will pay per square foot:
(e.g. 3.50)
Percent of operating costs that Tenant will pay:
(e.g. 10.00)
Tenant pays Operating Costs as follows:
e.g. The tenant will pay $2.30 per year per square foot of the building for the Landlord’s costs, charges and expenses of operating, maintaining, repairing, replacing and insuring the building and all common areas of the building
Security and Deposit
Advance Rent?
How should advance rent be collected?
Security/Damage Deposit:
Amount of Deposit:
(e.g. 400.00)
Taxes payable by tenant?
Taxes payable by tenant?
Goods and Services Tax (G.S.T.) or Harmonized Sales Tax (H.S.T.) is:
Tenant pays taxes directly to the landlord?
Tenant is to pay which taxes directly to the Landlord?
Tenant pays taxes directly to the government?
Tenant is to pay which taxes directly to the government?
Will the lease be subject to the approval of the Tenant's attorney?
As to form only: The Tenant's attorney can suggest wording changes as long as the changes are not substantive or remove or add any obligations or benefits. In other words, the Tenant is legally bound to enter into the Landlord's form of lease, but minor word changes can be negotiated as long as they do not materially affect the obligations and benefits.
As to form and content: The Tenant's attorney can suggest substantive changes that add or remove obligations or benefits. In other words, the Tenant may not be legally bound by the offer if the Tenant's lawyer wants to change a clause that the Landlord's attorney is not willing to make.
The Tenant is legally bound to enter the Landlord’s form of lease without any changes.
Should certain conditions be met prior to signing the commercial lease?
Note: If you place no conditions, then you may be agreeing to accept the Landlord's Standard Form Lease unchanged. In effect, you may be unable to make any material revisions to the lease prior to signing.
How many other conditions would you like?
Additional Clauses
How many additional clauses do you want to create?
Term of Offer
When will this offer expire?
(e.g. May 6, 2014)
Signing Details
Agreement To Be Signed: