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(the "Client")


(the "Contractor")


The Client is seeking services for the following: _____________________________________________________________. This proposal outlines the Contractor's qualifications, services, and estimated costs for completing the proposed project.




The Contractor proposes a fixed price of $_________ to complete the work.

A deposit of _____% is required to start work.


The pricing in this proposal is valid for 30 days.

All our workers are insured and bonded.


To discuss your project further and formalize this agreement, please reach out at:


  • __________
  • __________

Last Updated February 1, 2024

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What is a proposal?

A proposal is a document that contractors or businesses use to bid on client projects. Typically, within a proposal, the contractor will present a solution to a client problem and suggest terms for the successful completion of a project. A proposal should provide the client with a quote and time estimate, a project description, and the contractor’s information and experience.

Once a contractor submits a proposal to a client, the client can review the document and then decide if they want to hire the contractor or keep looking for a more suitable candidate.

A Proposal Template is also known as:

  • Proposal letter template
  • Freelance proposal template
  • Project proposal template

    What is the purpose of a proposal?

    A proposal outlines potential project terms for your client to persuade them that you are the best person or business to hire. Every bid proposal will contain different information, depending on the client’s needs and expectations. Some clients may only require a quote, while others may expect a much more detailed breakdown of the specific deliverables that you suggest.

    Who should use a Proposal Template?

    A Proposal Template is a great way for self-employed freelancers and contractors, as well as business owners, to organize all the necessary information required for an effective proposal. The following freelancers, and many more, can utilize LawDepot’s Proposal Template:

    • Graphic designers
    • Writers
    • Photographers
    • Consultants
    • Marketing professionals

    In addition to freelancers, businesses within the following industries can use Proposal Templates to bid on projects:

    • Construction
    • Maintenance
    • Property management
    • Cleaning services

    What are the benefits of a Proposal Template?

    Across many industries, proposals are the standard method of bidding on client projects. However, it can be difficult for contractors to provide and organize all the necessary information for their clients. A Proposal Template allows you to ensure that you haven’t missed an important piece of information for your client.

    How do I write a proposal?

    Proposal writing is quick and easy using LawDepot’s Proposal Template. By completing our self-guided questionnaire, you can customize the document for your next client. Your answers are inserted in our easy-to-follow, professional proposal format. The template asks you to include you and your client’s information, a project description, a list of deliverables, a quote, and a time estimate. Also, you can include your qualifications, such as your experience, professional certifications, and past projects.

    How do I write an effective proposal?

    You can create effective proposals by answering all the questions that your client may have about your working terms and conditions. To anticipate all of your client’s concerns and questions, you can suggest a meeting by phone or in person. Before you begin your proposal, you should gather as much information from your client as you can. Then, you can tailor the document to meet their needs.

    Before you submit a proposal to a client, proofread it and ensure that it’s polished and complete. Also, ask your client if they would prefer your proposal in print or digital form.

    What are the different types of proposals?

    LawDepot’s Proposal Template allows you to create simple quotes or detailed proposals. Depending on the project or the client’s expectations, you may only need to supply a quote while other projects may require a more detailed proposal.

    Quotes provide clients with simple pricing information and terms but do not include a list of deliverables.

    Detailed proposals, however, provide clients with more substantial information, such as specific deliverables and more detailed pricing information.

    Is a proposal legally binding?

    Proposals are not binding contracts. Within a contract, there must be an offer from one party which must be formally accepted by another. Proposals are merely a helpful way to present a potential solution to a client. Although a proposal may assist you in bidding on a project, it does not allow clients to formally sign and enter into a binding agreement.

    If your client decides to hire you or your business for a project, you can create and sign a Service Agreement to enter into a binding contract.

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