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(This notice increases your rental payments)

NOTICE TO: ____________________, TENANT in possession and all others:

Address of Premises: ____________________


  1. Pursuant to a written lease (the "Lease") dated June 18, 2024, you are a tenant for the premises described as: ____________________ of which you now hold possession. Your Lease is a monthly periodic tenancy that started on June 18, 2024 and continues from month to month.
  2. In accordance with the terms of your Lease and the statutes and laws for the Province of Alberta and any applicable county or municipality in that jurisdiction, the Landlord or its agents hereby notify you of a change in the amount of your rent.
  3. Your regular rent payment will increase from $_____ to $_____ per rental payment period. This increase amounts to $_____ per month. This increase in your rent will be effective as of July 18, 2024.
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Last Updated February 1, 2024

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What is a Rent Increase Notice?

A Rent Increase Notice, also known as a rent increase letter, is a formal letter a landlord writes to inform their tenant that rent payments will be going up on a specific date. 

Using a Rent Increase Notice fulfills a landlord’s legal responsibility to provide notice of any changes taking place with the property or lease. 

Our Rent Increase Notice template allows you to create a notice for either residential or commercial rental increases. 

A Rent Increase Notice is also known as a:

  • Notice of rent increase
  • Notice of rent increase letter
  • Rent change notice
  • Rent increase form
  • Tenant rent increase letter

How to write a Rent Increase Notice

LawDepot’s Rent Increase Notice questionnaire makes it easy for you to create your notice. First, choose the lease agreement type and specify which province or territory it is located within. Then, continue by providing the following:

  • Rent details, including the current and new rates, along with the effective date and frequency of payments
  • Payment details such as the payment method and address
  • The rental property’s address
  • Lease details, including when the original agreement was signed, and it’s start date
  • Landlord and tenant details such as contact numbers and addresses
  • Signing details, including when you’ll sign the notice, and if you will have proof of service, such as a notary public

Please note, LawDepot’s Rent Increase Notice template is not available for Québec and Ontario.

How much notice is needed to raise rent?

The required amount of notice for raising rent varies between provinces and territories and the kind of lease in place. Landlords must consider their tenant’s lease type, as this will determine how much notice they must provide. For example, a periodic tenancy’s required notice period will vary depending on whether it’s month-to-month or week-to-week.

It’s also best to check the original lease agreement for any details on increasing rent, as agreements may require further rent increase requirements, such as a rent review clause.

Very few provinces have commercial tenancy acts in place. Most Commercial Lease Agreements specify the applicable rules and procedures for rent increases. This means landlords need to look at the original lease to find out how much notice they must provide their commercial tenants.

Canadian provinces and territories have varying acts and regulations for Residential Lease Agreements. The required notice for rent increases are as follows:

Province or Territory Residential Tenancy Notice Period

For periodic tenancies, landlords must provide:

  • Twelve weeks' notice for a week-to-week tenancy 
  • Three months' notice for a month-to-month tenancy 
  • 90 days' notice for other periodic tenancies 

No notice is required for a fixed-term lease for a rent increase, as increases can only take place when renewing a fixed-term.

British Columbia Landlords must provide three months’ notice before the effective increase date.
Manitoba Landlords must provide at least three months’ notice before the effective increase date.
New Brunswick Landlords must provide six months’ notice before the effective increase date.
Newfoundland and Labrador

Landlords must provide:

  • Eight weeks' notice for a week-to-week tenancy  
  • Six months' notice for a month-to-month or fixed-term tenancy
Northwest Territories Landlords must provide at least three months’ notice before the effective increase date.
Nova Scotia

In most cases, Landlords must provide:

  • Eight weeks’ notice for week-to-week
  • Four months’ notice for year-to-year and month-to-month tenancies
  • Fixed-term leases as permitted by the lease
Nunavut Landlords must give at least three months’ notice before the effective increase date.
Ontario Landlords must provide 90 days notice via a form approved by the Landlord and Tenant Board.
Prince Edward Island

Landlords must provide:

  • At least three weeks’ notice for a week-to-week tenancy  
  • At least three months’ notice for a month-to-month or fixed-term tenancy

Landlords must provide:

  • Three to six months' notice for a twelve-month or more lease
  • Three months' notice for a lease less than twelve months
  • Three months' notice for a lease with an indeterminate term
  • And 10 to 20 days' notice for a room being leased

An application for rental increases must be approved by the Tribunal Administratif du Logement if landlord and tenant do not agree on the rent increase.


Landlords must provide at least six months’ notice if they are a member of an association of landlords and twelve months if they are not.

Yukon Landlords must provide at least three months’ notice before the effective increase date.

Some provinces may require landlords to inform their tenancy board or association of their intent to increase rent. Check with your provincial government to determine if you need to inform anyone that you’re increasing your rent.

How much can a landlord raise rent?

Residential rate increase allowances vary in each province and territory. In British Columbia, there is a yearly increase limit which landlords must follow. Other provinces, like Alberta, don’t have a limit on rent increases.

In most cases, rent increases for commercial leases depend on what is agreed upon by both parties in the original lease.

Check your provincial guidelines for the maximum residential rental increase designated for that year. 

When can a landlord increase rent?

In most provinces, rent increases cannot occur more than once in twelve months or until after twelve months of a tenant moving into the property.

For example, in Newfoundland and Labrador, landlords cannot increase the rent during a fixed-term agreement and can’t increase rent more than once in a twelve-month period.

On the other hand, very few provinces have laws on commercial tenancies. Commercial rental increases may occur as agreed upon in the original lease through a rent review clause or when a lease is being renewed.

How to deliver a Rent Increase Notice

As a landlord, you have options when delivering a Rent Increase Notice. If you hand-deliver your notice, have a third-party witness present who is neutral to both parties. 

A more trackable option is to send your notice by registered mail. This way, you’re notified when it’s delivered, and tenants are required to sign for it as proof of delivery. Landlords using this delivery method will need to account for the delivery time for the letter to arrive to the tenant with the correct notice period. 

Check your local tenancy board or jurisdiction for additional requirements in serving a Rent Increase Notice.

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