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Rent Receipt
Receipt Date: ________________ ____, ________

Property Address:  
Tenant Name:  
Rental Period: June 3, 2023 to June 3, 2023
Date Payment Received: June 3, 2023
Paid To:  
Payment Type: Cash
Total Owed: $
Amount Paid: $
Remaining Balance: $

This receipt acknowledges that __________ has been paid in full for the rental period of June 3, 2023 - June 3, 2023.

Payment received by: __________   __________  
  (Print Name)   (Signature)  

For questions or concerns, please contact:
Name: __________
Phone: __________
Email: __________

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Alternate Names:

A Rent Receipt is also known as a:

  • Rent invoice
  • Rent payment receipt
  • Rent receipt form

What is a Rent Receipt?

A Rent Receipt is a slip that a landlord uses to provide tenants with proof of payment, acknowledging that the tenants have paid their rent.

The receipt allows a landlord or property manager to keep record of all rent payments made by the tenants inhabiting any and all rental properties.

What is a Rent Receipt used for?

A Rent Receipt, or rent invoice, is a suitable way to keep track of payments where a receipt is not automatically issued, like if a tenant pays in cash or with a personal cheque. Rent invoices can be issued to tenants renting either residential or commercial properties.

Tracking rent payments through a Rent Receipt helps to avoid any mistakes, for instance if a tenant claims to have already paid for the month.

By having the landlord sign the receipt and issue it to the tenant, both parties are acknowledging and agreeing on the amount of money that has changed hands as well as the date when the exchange occurred. The written record is also helpful should any disputes regarding rent transactions arise, like if a tenant's personal cheque bounces.

Tenants, landlords, and property managers tend to need records of rent payments when filing their taxes, so Rent Receipts are essential documents in such cases.

Rent Receipts can also be used for one-time rentals, like if private citizens were to rent their summer home to someone for a limited time.

Aside from when their use might be mandated, Rent Receipts are practical for having physical documentation of significant monetary payments.

How do you make a Rent Receipt?

To create a Rent Receipt, simply fill out the questionnaire and the appropriate information will appear in the Rent Receipt template, then you can print out the invoice for the tenant. You will need the following information to complete your document:

  • Address of the property, including the unit or suite number, if appropriate
  • Full name of the tenant or tenants living on the property or in the rental unit
  • Date range for which rent is owed
  • Date when the rent payment was received
  • Full name of the person to which the payment is being made (usually the property manager or landlord)
  • The method of payment (i.e. personal cheque, e-transfer, cash, etc.)
  • A breakdown of the amount owed, the amount paid, and a remaining balance (including late fees, if applicable)

A Rent Receipt should also include the printed name and signature of the landlord or property manager who processed the payment and issued the receipt. Typically, the landlord's contact information is also listed on the form, giving tenants direct lines for any questions or concerns regarding the invoice or the payment.

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