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Rent Receipt
Receipt Date: ________________ ____, ________

Property Address:  
Tenant Name:  
Rental Period: June 20, 2024 to June 20, 2024
Date Payment Received: June 20, 2024
Paid To:  
Payment Type: Cash
Total Owed: $
Amount Paid: $
Remaining Balance: $

This receipt acknowledges that __________ has been paid in full for the rental period of June 20, 2024 - June 20, 2024.

Payment received by: __________   __________  
  (Print Name)   (Signature)  

For questions or concerns, please contact:
Name: __________
Phone: __________
Email: __________

Last Updated February 1, 2024

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What is a Rent Receipt?

A Rent Receipt is a slip that a landlord uses to provide tenants with proof of payment.

This written record of payments is especially helpful when a tenant pays rent in a way where receipts aren’t automatically issued—such as with electronic transfer, personal cheque, or cash.

LawDepot’s Rent Receipt template works for both residential and commercial tenants.

A Rent Receipt is also known as:

  • Rent invoice
  • Rent payment receipt
  • Rent receipt form

Can a landlord refuse to issue a Rent Receipt?

Each province and territory has legislation that regulates landlords and tenants. Depending on your jurisdiction, a landlord may be legally required to issue a Rent Receipt in certain situations.

For example, in Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act, providing a receipt for payment —free of charge—to any tenant who asks for one is part of a landlord’s mandated responsibilities.

Similarly, the Residential Tenancy Act in British Columbia requires landlords to issue a receipt any time a tenant pays in cash. 

Generally, there should be no reason for a landlord to refuse to issue a rent receipt. However, if that’s the case, you may need to contact your local Landlord and Tenant Board for dispute resolution.

Do I need rent receipts for taxes in Canada?

Rent Receipts are essential documents for both landlords and tenants when proving payments or income for tax purposes. While they aren’t always required, they may be needed if you’re ever audited by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)


The CRA learns about your rental income when you report it on your tax return. If you don’t have receipts, contracts, or other supporting documents, the CRA may not allow you to claim all or part of your rental property expenses. 


Tenants living in Ontario, Manitoba, or Quebec may be eligible to claim rent on their personal tax returns. Each of these provinces has a program that allows tenants to claim tax benefits or credits depending on various factors (e.g., amount of rent paid, age, income, etc.).  Without proof of the amount of rent paid, tenants may have issues proving their eligibility.

How to write a Rent Receipt

Use LawDepot’s Rent Receipt template to create a properly formatted document with all the necessary details. 

Simply answer our questionnaire to customize the template with your personal information. Then, download a PDF version for your records or print a copy for the landlord to sign. 

Step 1: Add lease and payment information

First, summarize rental payment information and add any relevant information from the Lease Agreement. This can include details such as:

  • Method of payment (e.g., personal cheque, e-transfer, cash, etc.)
  • Payment amount and date it was received
  • Whether rent was paid in full, and if not, how much was paid
  • Rental period for the receipt 
  • Property location  
  • Any late fees

You cannot use LawDepot’s Rent Receipt to add cleaning charges.

However, if you need to charge late fees, the template automatically calculates the remaining balance based on the total owed and the amount paid. In this case, you must add a statement about how late fees will apply. 

Remember, local laws may limit a landlord’s ability to charge late fees. Our template includes legal information and help text based on the jurisdiction you select. However, it’s crucial to reference your Residential Tenancy Act or consult a lawyer if you're unsure about charging extra. 

Step 2: State party details

Next, include the name, address, and phone number of the party who received the payment. This gives tenants contact information if they have any questions or concerns regarding the invoice.

You must also include the full name of the tenant(s) paying rent and the rental property address.

Step 3: Sign and execute the document

If needed, our template gives you the option to add a receipt number for tracking and organizing payments from each tenant. You may find that having a proper invoice numbering system helps you easily organize and reference your paperwork.

It’s also essential to include the date the receipt is issued. If you don’t know this information when creating your receipt online, you can always fill this in by hand after printing the document.

Finally, a Rent Receipt should include the printed name and signature of the landlord or property manager who processed the payment and issued the receipt.

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