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For inquiries about the rental property, please contact _______________________ at:
Email: ______________________________
Phone: (_________) ______________


Rental Property Address: _____________________________________________
Date of Availability: Immediately


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Last Updated February 1, 2024

What is a Residential Rental Application?

A Residential Rental Application is a form used by landlords to evaluate prospective tenants who are interested in renting a residential living space. Often, landlords will collect multiple applications and screen for individuals who may or may not make suitable tenants. The information provided in the rental application can help the landlord when performing reference checks, credit checks, criminal background checks, and more.

A Residential Rental Application is also called a:

  • Rental Application Form
  • Tenant Application Form
  • Lease Application

Who can use LawDepot's Residential Rental Application?

You can use LawDepot's Residential Rental Application if you are dealing directly with tenants.

For instance, landlords, property managers, and property owners can make good use of a rental application when screening prospective tenants. The landlord or property manager is the person who creates and provides the application, but a potential tenant is the person who fills it out.

What information is included in a Residential Rental Application?

You can customise LawDepot's Residential Rental Application to best suit your rental property by entering information such as:

  • The landlord or property manager's contact information
  • The rental property's address
  • The term of the lease and date of possession
  • How much rent the tenant will be expected to pay and how often (weekly, monthly, annually)
  • Whether or not a security deposit is required, and if so, how much

What can a landlord ask for in a Residential Rental Application?

You can ask applicants for any information that is directly related to their roles as tenants, like factors that impact their ability to pay rent. LawDepot's Residential Rental Application asks applicants for information such as:

  • Personal details (contact information, family or pet information, and Social Insurance Number)
  • Residential rental history
  • Employment details or other sources of income (such as benefits programs)
  • Vehicle information
  • Banking information
  • References
  • Criminal and credit check authorization

Why ask for a Social Insurance Number in a Residential Rental Application?

You can ask for an applicant's Social Insurance Number (SIN) in order to check their credit score. However, this is optional because many credit check companies can find the relevant information with a person's full name, address, and date of birth.

In addition, an applicant must provide written consent before a landlord can run a credit check. LawDepot's Residential Rental Application includes a statement that, once signed by the applicant, authorizes a reference check, criminal background check, and credit check.

Related documents

  • Residential Rental Agreement: a contract that outlines the terms of a tenancy, such as the start and end dates of the lease, cost of rent, utility details, and more
  • Rental Inspection Report: a document that provides a landlord or property manager with a checklist to use during a property inspection with details about the property's condition (including any damages or repairs)
  • Rent Receipt: a document that provides proof of payment for a rental property
  • Landlord Notices: a letter that a landlord or property manager can use to inform a tenant to pay overdue rent, amend a lease violation, or vacate the property
  • Notice to Enter: a letter used to advise a tenant that a landlord or property manager will need access to the rental unit
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Residential Rental Application

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