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__________, 2024


To Whom It May Concern,

Please accept this letter as notice of my resignation from __________ as of __________, 2024.

I have appreciated my time here but have chosen to resign to pursue new career opportunities. My last day will be __________, 2024.

Thank you for your help and guidance during my employment with __________. I wish you and the company much success in the future. If I can do anything to help during this transition, please let me know.



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What is a Resignation Letter?

A Resignation Letter, also known as a notice letter, is a short, formal letter notifying your employer that you’re leaving the company.  Usually, you provide a Resignation Letter after giving your employer verbal notice that you’ll be resigning.

Providing a Resignation Letter is a necessary step in resigning, as it’s a written confirmation of your leaving and contains your notice period. Additionally, writing a Resignation Letter demonstrates professionalism by expressing your gratitude for the opportunities the company has given you.

A Resignation Letter is also known as a:

  • Notice of resignation
  • Formal resignation letter
  • Job resignation letter
  • Notice letter
  • Two weeks’ notice letter

Looking for a Resignation Letter in French?

Use our Lettre de démission.

Why should I write a Resignation Letter?

A Resignation Letter is a courtesy to your employer, and your provincial government may even require you to give a written notice. It also documents your resignation for employment insurance purposes.

Also, keeping a copy of the Resignation Letter proves that you provided your employer with the proper notice. If your employer claimed that you wrongfully resigned, your Resignation Letter shows that you gave them the required amount of notice.

Lastly, failing to give an employer a Resignation Letter may affect your reference and reflect negatively on you to future employers.

How long of a notice period should I give my employer when resigning?

Check your Employment Contract or the company handbook to determine the notice period required by your employer. There are no specific laws for how much notice you must give your employer. The most common notice period is two weeks if you have been in a position for more than two years, but extended periods may be required based on the seniority of the position. 

For example, the government of British Columbia doesn’t have a set notice period requirement for employees to give their employer. They recommend the standard two-week notice period if your contract doesn’t specify anything else.

How to write a Resignation Letter

A professional Resignation Letter should be concise and only include details about your resignation that create an amicable end to your employment. 

LawDepot’s questionnaire makes it easy to fill in the key information you need for your letter. First, choose a template that matches your reason for resigning, and then provide the following: 

  • Your employer’s details: You can address the company name or an individual recipient, such as your human resources coordinator, hiring manager, or direct supervisor.
  • Your details and job title: Include your name and position on your Resignation Letter. You also have the option to include your contact details.
  • Your resignation dates: Your Resignation Letter should include the date you give it to your employer and your last date of employment.

LawDepot’s template includes a sentence where you wish your employer well and offer your assistance during the notice period. Offering assistance shows professionalism and commitment to a smooth transition.

What should not go in my Resignation Letter?

Even if you’re not leaving your position on the best terms, your Resignation Letter should only have relevant information your employer needs to know.  So, don’t include the following:

  • Unprofessional language
  • Grievances with the company or colleagues
  • An outline of your next job or career decisions

LawDepot’s Resignation Letter template doesn’t prompt you to include anything irrelevant or unprofessional.

How to give a Resignation Letter

When you decide it’s time to hand in your resignation, it is always best to check your Employment Contract or the company handbook to determine how you’ll need to hand in your resignation. 

If there is no policy, the best way to give your notice is to deliver your Resignation Letter in person to show consideration toward your employer.

Can I email my Resignation Letter?

Yes, you can email your Resignation Letter when you can’t give it to your employer in person. An example would be if you work remotely. In this case, write an email with a proper subject line, such as Notice of Resignation. Briefly explain the reason for your email professionally and attach a PDF copy of your signed Resignation Letter.

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