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_________________________ of _____________________________________________
(the "Corporation")


The Directors
of _________________________


_________________________ of _____________________________________________

I hereby subscribe for __________ _____________________________________________ shares in the capital stock of the Corporation at the price of $__________ per share and tender herewith the sum of $__________ CAD in full payment of the subscription price for the shares.

I request that the shares be issued to me, registered in my name, and that a certificate representing the shares be issued to me and delivered to my address, as shown above.

The parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of Alberta for the enforcement of this Subscription. The parties expressly state that the English language is to be the choice of language for this Subscription.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the subscriber has executed this Subscription on the ________ day of ________________, ________.


Last updated January 31, 2024

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What is a Share Subscription Agreement?

A Share Subscription Agreement is a document that is used when a purchaser (or subscriber) purchases new shares from a corporation. The agreement outlines the class, number, and unit price of the shares purchased. 

In Canada, a corporation’s financial organization is regulated by the Canada Business Corporations Act. A Share Subscription Agreement is one of many valuable documents used in corporate governance.

A Share Subscription Agreement may also be referred to as a:

  • Subscription agreement 
  • Stock subscription agreement 
  • Equity subscription agreement
  • Investment agreement 
  • New share agreement

How does a Share Subscription Agreement work?

A Share Subscription Agreement is a two-way guarantee between the directors of a company and a new shareholder. This agreement is mutually beneficial to both parties. 

For the corporation, a Share Subscription Agreement is a good opportunity to generate new revenue. For the purchaser, obtaining shares in a corporation can help to expand their investment portfolio. 

The Share Subscription process often follows these five steps:  

  1. New shares are issued by the corporation’s board of directors. This can happen when the business is incorporated or at a later date. 
  2. New investors are invited to subscribe. Investors may choose to conduct due diligence at this point, which might include assessing the company’s financial health, market prospects, and other potential risks. 
  3. Both the purchaser and seller sign the Share Subscription Agreement, once the terms have been finalized. Corporations may choose to include both the Share Subscription Agreement and the Shareholders Agreement in the same document. 
  4. The purchaser pays the corporation the agreed amount. Accepted payments may be cash, assets, or a combination of the two. 
  5. A Share Certificate is issued under the purchaser’s name. This certificate is then stored with the corporation’s records.

Who uses a Share Subscription Agreement?

A Share Subscription Agreement is used in a variety of business and investment scenarios. If you are looking to invest in a pioneering start-up or seeking to generate new revenue in your long-standing business, a Share Subscription Agreement is a useful tool. 

Typically this document is used by:

  • Individuals who are purchasing new shares of a corporation.
  • Directors of the corporation who are preparing the subscription for a purchaser buying new shares.

Benefits of a Share Subscription Agreement

Share Subscription Agreements are valuable for a variety of reasons. Here’s why you should use a Share Subscription Agreement: 

1. Clarity

A well-drafted Share Subscription Agreement allows both the purchaser and the seller to review the terms and conditions of the share sale in writing, thereby lessening the chance of any future misunderstandings. Putting everything on paper ensures that the finer details of the agreement (including price, quantity, and class) are clearly understood prior to signing. 

2. Security

Having the terms and conditions of a business deal in writing is always a good idea. By jointly reviewing and signing this document, both parties are agreeing to a set of rights and responsibilities. As well, they have agreed to operate under the laws of the relevant legal jurisdiction.

When dealing with finances and investment, relying on a verbal agreement isn’t enough. If either party doesn’t hold up their end of the deal, a Share Subscription Agreement makes it much easier to take legal action.

3. Compliance

Corporations operating in Canada are subject to provincial or territorial securities regulations. Although these laws may differ from province to province, most jurisdictions require corporations to disclose their financial statements, shareholder meeting materials, and other information relating to the governance of their business

Utilizing Share Subscription Agreements is a convenient way to keep an accurate and organized record of all the corporation’s subscribers. Then, when tax time rolls around, the corporation will have all relevant documents on hand and ready to file.

What is included in a Share Subscription Agreement?

A Share Subscription Agreement must include the following:

  • Purchaser’s name and address
  • Corporation’s name and address  
  • Information about the shares being purchased, including:
    • Number of shares
    • Class
    • Unit price 
  • Any additional terms of agreement between the seller and the purchaser

Share Subscription Agreement versus Share Purchase Agreement

Although both these agreements are used to record the sale of shares in a corporation, a Share Subscription Agreement and a Share Purchase Agreement are two separate documents with distinct functions

Here’s a couple differences to keep in mind: 

Share Subscription Agreement Share Purchase Agreement
New shares are issued Existing shares are sold and transferred 
Between new purchaser and corporation Between existing shareholders 
Helps to attract investment and generate new revenue Primarily used to transfer ownership of a corporation 
Due diligence process is straightforward and quick Due diligence process is extensive and thorough

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