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Essential estate planning documents

Our most commonly used estate planning documents are trusted by users around the world, every single day.

Step 1

Last Will & Testament

A Last Will and Testament says how you choose to distribute your property and assets after your death.

Step 2

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney form grants an individual the authority to act on your behalf for legal and financial purposes.

Step 3

Health Care Directive

A Health Care Directive specifies your personal medical preferences in the event that you fall ill or become hospitalized.

Other estate planning documents

Revocable Living Trust

Designate who receives your property after your death.

Child Medical Consent

Authorize a guardian or caregiver to make medical decisions on behalf of your child.

Revocation of Power of Attorney

Remove or cancel your current Power of Attorney.

End-of-Life Plan

Plan your memorial service and express final wishes that aren’t addressed by other estate planning documents.


Make small changes to your existing Last Will and Testament.

Pour-Over Will

Use a Pour-Over Will as part of a trust-based estate plan alongside a Living Trust when the trustor or grantor passes away.

Gift Deed

Give away items with sentimental or monetary value without compensation or money changing hands.

Medical Records Release

Allow another party to access your medical records.

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