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"LawDepot has created an unparalleled legal service where anyone can obtain customized legal documents at a fraction of the price it would cost through a traditional lawyer. LawDepot eliminates the uncertainty of trying to interpret a generic fill in the blank template by instead asking simple questions and creating your personalized document automatically. I highly recommend it to anybody that requires a high quality, easy to use, cost effective solution to meet their legal needs."

Christopher Dimakos is the host of "Legal Lounge" and has appeared on several television programs where he provides his expert legal advice. He has a substantial legal background including: graduating with degrees in both Common and Civil Law, working with one of the largest law firms in the country and is currently managing his own firm. Christopher is a proud supporter of LawDepot.

Client Testimonials

"I just wanted to comment on your site. What a great resource for small businesses that don't have the time, money or inclination to go to a Lawyer to draw up contracts. I have been thoroughly impressed by the extent and affordability of the services you offer. Thanks!"

Jay Voight, Small Business Owner, Spring, TX
"Wow! A colleague just referred me to your site - I LOVE it! I am about to refer my first person - you guys are awesome!"

Linda S. Terranova, CPA, California
"Thank you so much for making an unpleasant journey into forms that can protect my family in case of my incapacitation easy, comfortable and complete. Your service is so easy to access and user friendly. Again, I thank you for the simplicity. All of us are not geniuses and I got an uncomfortable job done at small cost."

Lloyd G., Houston, Texas
"Your service is good and the review is very helpful. I anticipate using it again. I am a document preparer and will benefit from having a 'backup' review from what I've created."

Martha Taylor, Pres.& CEO, DocuPrepUSA, Secane, PA
"You guys rock. Your website has made it very easy for me to manage several homes... Thanks."

Pamela Morrison
"I personally think you offer a great service. I found it was easy and informative and worked as it was represented. I will be back to your site in the future . Thank you for this great service."

Angel Johnson, California
"A compliment to you. Good job. Very useful. I especially like how the wording is in understandable English without the legal words-then converted to the legal words. I feel I understand what it is I have created. Thanks. Have a nice Day!"

Miles Martin, Nenana, Alaska
"I had been looking for something like this for a long time. It's nice to just fill out the necessary info and have the rest of the wording done for you."

Sylvia Bialik
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