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LawDepot's Gift Deed is ideal for:

  • allowing a person to transfer ownership of an article of monetary or sentimental value to a relative or close friend
  • allowing people the flexibility of making real time dispositions of articles of monetary or sentimental value during the lifetime of the Donor
Governing Law

Type of Gift Deed

Revocable Version: The Donor keeps the legal document until he or she decides to give the document to the recipient. The Donor can, at any time, revoke the Gift Deed document and is not legally obligated to give the gift.
Irrevocable Version: The person who has received the gift becomes its legal owner as soon as the Donor physically delivers the Gift Deed document to the recipient. The gift cannot ever be revoked.
In both cases, the right to obtain physical delivery of the gift is postponed until the gift is actually given, or the person giving the gift becomes mentally incapacitated, or dies.

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