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Corporate Minute Book

What is a Corporate Minute Book?

A minute book is a collection of a corporation's constitutional and record keeping documents, consisting of:

Order a physical or digital copy of your LawDepot Corporate Minute Book. If you order a physical copy, we’ll also send you a digital version.

Digital minute books are inexpensive compared to the costs associated with physical copies. For instance, you’ll save time and money related to document storage, postage, and delivery. With a digital copy, the authorities reviewing your minute book can locate and examine your information.

How much is a Corporate Minute Book?

You can buy a digital copy of LawDepot’s Corporate Minute Book for $59.00.

A physical Corporate Minute Book that comes with a digital copy is also available for $99.00.

Corporate Seal

What is a Corporate Seal?

A Corporate Seal is a paper embossing tool that a company’s board of directors may use to stamp important documents. This stamp bears the company name and acts as the company’s official signature. Companies use their seal to certify important documents.

How much is a Corporate Seal?

LawDepot has three Corporate Seal editions available for purchase:

  • Pocket edition: $59.00
  • Pocket edition (with case): $69.00
  • Mark Maker edition: 79.00

Share Certificate

What is a Share Certificate?

A share certificate provides a shareholder with legal proof of ownership after they buy shares in a company.

Fill out your Share Certificate with the following information to complete the document:

  • Shareholder’s first and last name
  • Number of shares owned

Once completed, the company may issue the Share Certificates to its shareholders.

Shareholders should store their certificates in a safe place. Some companies require shareholders to present their certificates to prove their dividend entitlements. Also, shareholders who sell their shares need the certificate to transfer ownership to someone else. Use LawDepot’s Share Purchase Agreement to document the transaction.

How much are Share Certificates?

LawDepot has three Share Certificate packages available:

  • Package of 5: $10.00
  • Package of 10: $15.00
  • Package of 25: $30.00

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