Finance Articles

Trying to sell your car, rent equipment or buy personal property? Learn what you need to do to ensure you're covered legally when buying, selling or renting.
Loaning money shouldn't be risky. Here's how to protect yourself when lending money by using the right documents, such as Loan Agreements and Promissory Notes.
A Purchase and Sale of Business Agreement is used to transfer the shares or assets of a business from one or more sellers to one or more purchasers. The agreement can be structured as a sale of the shares of the business or as a sale of the assets of the business.

Finance Documents

Bill of SaleA document used to outline the transfer of goods between a buyer and a seller.
Purchase of Business AgreementA contract used to document the purchase and sale of a business.
Promissory NoteA document used to outline the terms of repayment between a lender and a borrower.
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